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Monthly weather for Kuredu Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

  • Best time to visit: Late December to early April.
  • Worst time to visit: Between May-October.

Based on our unique weather data for the exact location of the resort, the ideal time to visit Kuredu Island Resort & Spa is between February and March; however there is also good weather during late December, all of January, and early April. The worst time to visit is between May-October. These months have higher rainfall, cloud cover, and wind.

Scroll down to see typical monthly temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind.

Kuredu Island Resort Weather Location

Kuredu Island is located to the north of the Maldives. Our weather data is specific to the exact location of the resort. Want to see weather for another hotel? Click here to search typical weather conditions for any hotel in the Maldives, or worldwide.

Monthly temperatures for Kuredu Island Resort

Temperatures are generally flat across the year, with highs and lows ranging between 27-29 'C. Humidity is also very consistent, at 75-80% year-round. After accounting for humidity, the temperature will feel like it’s in the region 31-32 'C, with a slight up-tick to 34 'C in April and May.

Monthly cloud and rainfall for Kuredu Island Resort

There are two distinct seasons for cloud and rain: the dry season lasts from mid-December to mid-April, with the least cloud and rain in late February / early March.

By contrast, the wet season starts in late April, peaking in early June and only dies down in November/December:

In terms of wind, there is a pleasant breeze from November to April, but high winds coming from the west between May-October. The eastern side of the island will be more sheltered during this time.

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